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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Hire Illegal Part Time Maid

Sometimes, home chores can overwhelm you to the point of requiring the assistance of a maid. It could be help with cleaning, laundry or any other task around the home that you can't find time or energy to do. Hiring a part-time maid is what often comes to mind during such a situation, and for a reason. They're cheaper, don't have to reside in your home, and you can have them only when you have excess work around the house.

Because a hiring a part-time maid offers unrivaled convenience and flexibility, it follows that many homeowners in Singapore prefer them. But then, they have to be legal, or you could be exposing yourself to many dangers. So, why should you ensure the part-time maid you hire is legal? Here are 7 Reasons why you should NEVER hire Illegal part time maid.

• You Risk Being Jailed or Fined
Being a developed country, Singapore often attracts illegal domestic workers from different countries. The ministry of manpower, MOM, is clear on this. It requires you to report any illegal foreign worker you come across. If you employ an illegal part-time maid, you will have committed the offense of violating ministry rules and could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You risk being arrested.

What's more, such an offense carries the hefty weight of a fine, a jail term, or even both. To stay away from trouble, it's good to always hire part-time maids from reputable companies. Their workers are licensed and will give you peace of mind regarding how you relate to the law. It's better to be safe by hiring a legal maid than risk arrest.

• They May Not Possess the Required Skills
Most often, illegal part-time maids are not properly trained. They may not have the skills to work on tasks in your home. The results could be disastrous, with some of their work being unsatisfactory or risky. Where knowledge is required like in using some cleaning products, they may even endanger the health of your family.

A legal part-time made from a licensed company will, on the other hand, possess excellent skills. The result of their work is likely to satisfy you to the fullest. They will work in a safer way and will not expose you and your family to risks.

• You Cannot Trust Them
The safety of your home is paramount when it comes to employing someone to work in the house. If you hire a legal part-time maid, you can trust them to a higher degree. This is because the companies that employ them conduct background checks to determine their authenticity and if they're honest.

If you employ an illegal part-time maid, you will have no knowledge of where they come from or even what their past has been like. Even if you were to try to ask them about themselves, they could choose to lie. To avoid all this, it's always advisable that you hire maids from a licensed company. The company will have already conducted a background check on your behalf, and the maid you get from them is likely to trustworthy.

• They are Unreliable
An illegal part-time maid may not feel the need to be reliable. They're not bound by any contract to work for you and can choose to be around or not. They can leave you stranded even after giving them all your trust that they will help you complete the tasks in your home.

Moreover, you cannot pursue them if they fail to comply with your rules or requirements. You cannot use the law against at them either since you hired them illegally. It puts you in an awkward and difficult situation should they choose to have their way and say.

• It Denies the Government Revenue
Singaporean laws require that all foreign workers submit an FWL, or Foreign Worker Levy. Illegal workers don't do it, denying the government revenue. By hiring an illegal part-time maid, you will have collaborated in this. It's a lack of patriotism on your part as well as a breach of the law as laid out by the MOM.

While hiring an illegal part-time maid may appear to be cheaper, always look at the broader picture. Be patriotic enough and follow the regulations set out in the law. Have a worker who pays the required monies to the government. It works for the good of both of you, the employer and the worker.

• You Could Lose Your Valuables
Hiring an illegal part-time maid puts you at risk of losing items in your home. First, you may not know where to get them if they steal from you and disappear, and they know this. Secondly, by hiring them, you act against the employment laws regarding the hiring of illegal workers. If they happen to steal from your home, you cannot expect to use the law to pursue them.

Worse still, illegal part-time maids don't have a company to report to, so they will feel no fear to involve themselves in thievery. To stay safe, it would be better if you get your part-time maid from a company that deals with the service of providing them to homeowners. That way, you can lodge a claim or complaint if you happen to lose anything in the house.

• You Could Undergo Unplanned Expenses

An illegal part-time maid doesn't work under any company. They're, therefore, not entitled to benefits that a company may offer while at work such as catering for emergencies. In the unfortunate event that an illegal maid gets involved in an accident while working in your home, the whole burden would be on you.

You would have to cater for everything and pay all the bills. Still, in the process, you may end up getting yourself in the line of the law and suffer harsh penalties for having hired an illegal worker. It wouldn't matter if you did it knowingly or unknowingly, you would face the law as it is.

Hiring an illegal part-time maid can be enticing, given that its way cheaper. However, on a closer look, the dangers involved outweigh the benefits you stand to gain. The risks involved are far too many to even think of it. To stay on the safe side, both with the law and at a personal level, always ensure the maid you hire on a part-time basis is legal. You ensure this by getting them from a licensed company.