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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

9 Tips on Commercial Cleaning Services

It is very difficult to work in a cluttered untidy office. It is also difficult to get the time to clean your workspace on your own. For this reason, you require a professional cleaning service provider. Commercial cleaning services are also imperative for rental property. Selecting a good service provider can be the difference between a clean functional work environment and an untidy dysfunctional one. But how will you distinguish between an effective and ineffective commercial cleaning provider? Here are a few tips on commercial cleaning services. 

1. Certifications and licensing

It is illegal to engage unlicensed cleaning businesses in Singapore. Before choosing one, ensure the company has a valid up to date license from the national environment agency. Further, they should have accreditation through the enhanced clean mark accreditation scheme (EAS). These two conditions will help you determine whether you are dealing with a legal business.

2. Experience

A good way to determine if the company will do a good job is to examine the number of years they have been in service. The more the number of years, the better their service is likely to be. Inquire how long they have maintained contracts with previous clients. A long-standing contract indicates that they are good at their job. However don’t just take the company’s word for it. Ask for testimonials from some of their clients. You can also ask for referrals from some of your friends or colleagues.

3. Number of Services Offered

The company’s portfolio should be wide and varied. It is actually cost-effective to get one company to perform all your cleaning tasks than several companies to do one task each. Their task range should include carpet cleaning, high dusting, cleaning of upholstery and furniture, polishing surfaces and cleaning glass. For rental property, the cleaning company must be able to offer pre-moving cleaning at short notice. They should be able to offer these services on a regular basis in addition to the day to day cleaning. 

4. Flexibility

The cleaning company should be able to work according to your schedule. The company must be able to respond to emergencies appropriately. Should there be flooding for instance in your workspace, how soon would they be able to respond? Inquire whether there are times that the company doesn’t offer services. Apart from flexibility in time, the commercial company should be able to add on services at request and also customize them to suit your facility’s needs.

5. Safety

The precautions taken by the company staff to ensure their own safety can tell you whether the company is reputable or not. Their staff should wear protective clothing like gloves to prevent their hands from getting in contact with corrosive chemicals. They should wear appropriate uniform and identification badges. The staff should be sufficiently trained in handling delicate items and heavy furniture. Apart from that, the company should be able to assure you that your belonging and confidential documents will be safe from pilferage. Enquire about the precautions that the company takes to ensure that the client’s items are not mishandled or stolen.

6. The company should be insured

The importance of a good insurance policy for a commercial cleaning company cannot be understated. Accidents happen sometimes despite all precautions made. Should one of the cleaning staff damage items in your office, the insurance company should be able to pay. It is also likely that a cleaning staff may injure themselves in the process of cleaning your space. You don’t want to be sued for liability. A good policy will be able to reimburse the injured staff. The company must have general liability insurance coverage to protect both their staff and their clients against such unforeseen occurrences.

7. Good Customer Service

It is very frustrating to deal with a service provider who will not answer your questions or follow through with your requests. For this reason, your cleaning company must have very good customer service. You can gauge a company’s customer service profile by how friendly their staff is. Another way to gauge is by reviewing their online reputation. They must not dismiss any of your complaints or treat any issue lightly. Ask any former clients of the company about their experience with the customer service of the companies you are considering. 

8. Cost

Make sure that the services offered are within the budget range. There is no need of subscribing to an overly expensive service which you will be unable to sustain in the long term. The company must give you value for your money. They should be able to do a better job than you would do if you were cleaning by yourself. Never take quotations over a phone call or email. The price may change after viewing the site. A good company will assess your facility before giving you a quotation.

9. Environmentally friendly

A commercial cleaning company should steer clear of products that are corrosive and harmful to the environment. The kind of products used usually affects the indoor air quality of your work environment. Some cleaning products will cause respiratory and allergic reactions to those who are exposed to them. Ensure that the cleaning products are non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive as well. Also make sure the vacuums used by the company have HEPA filters. HEPA filters trap the smallest particle sizes and therefore get rid of all potential air pollutants. Find out if they use microfiber towels. These towels are specially designed to pick up the tiniest dirt particles. The towels reduce the need for using soap and detergents.

A clean working space enables you to function optimally. It also portrays organization and professionalism to potential clients. For rental property, a good cleaning service ensures that your property is attractive to tenants and reduces the number of tenant’s complaints. A commercial cleaning service will help you maintain a clean and tidy workspace. An appropriate cleaning company is one that has adequate experience, a wide variety of services, is flexible, pays attention to safety and is budget friendly. The company must also be insured, have good customer service and use eco-friendly products.