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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Can We Clean a Coffee Pot with Vinegar?

Yes, you can clean your coffee pot with the vinegar. In fact, vinegar is considered as one of the most effective and easy ways to clean the coffee pots. And this process is widely used by the people of the Singapore.

We usually use coffee pot every day. We need to clean it within regular intervals both for the hygiene and longevity purpose. If you believe the experts, then you should clean your coffee pot at least once in every month. The process is very simple. You just need some vinegar and water for the cleaning. Vinegar solution works well to remove stains, odors, and tastes that coffee leaves behind. Moreover, this solution is nontoxic and natural. Hence, you can use it safely without worrying about the harmful effects.

How to prepare the vinegar solution

You can use vinegar directly for the cleaning process. You can also prepare a vinegar cleaning solution to get the better results. If you clean your coffee pot regularly once in fifteen days or in a month, then you can make a solution of one part white vinegar with two part water. If you are not a regular cleaner, consider the same amount of the white vinegar and water. Mix them properly before the use.

How to clean the coffee pot

• For starting the cleaning process, you first need to empty the coffee maker fully, flask its carafe. Make sure that it is properly set and the filter section is totally empty. Now you can remove the permanent coffee filter and the water filter from the brewer. The opening process will be different depending on the models.

• As your vinegar solution is ready, you can fill the solution in coffee maker’s water reservoir. If your model allows it then run it through its drip cycle to get the best results.

• Once you are done with the cycle, turn off the machine. Allow the solution to work for another twenty-five to thirty minutes. Thirty minutes are required to remove any accumulated deposit. Properly follow the time and then open your coffee maker and remove the solution.

• After removing the vinegar solution, you can run clean water through the machine to cool down the process and to remove the remaining vinegar solution. You can repeat this procedure until you are not sure that all the vinegar solutions odors are gone completely.

• After cleaning the inside of the machine, you can now clean the exterior. You can simply use warm soapy water to clean the exterior parts such as permanent filter, carafe, and filter basket. If required, you can consider replacing the water filter.

• Some experts also suggest cleaning the outside of your coffee maker with the vinegar to make the process safe and easy. If you want to do so, fill vinegar with a spray bottle and spray it on soft cotton and wipe the exterior. If the condition is bad then you can use cotton swabs to clean thoroughly.

• Now your coffee machine is ready. After the cleaning, you will get fresh coffee than ever. You might have experienced it before.

Why do you need to clean your coffee pot regularly?

Your coffee pot needs to be cleaned regularly. If you are unable to clean it in every month then make sure that you are not exceeding the time limit of the three months. This is not important for the hygiene purpose only. If you will not clean your coffee pot, obviously it will affect the taste and odor. And you will not enjoy the coffee like before. Moreover, the cleaning process is easy and it will hardly take forty-five minutes to one hour for the entire process. This cleaning process is very effective and straightforward. You can finish this job in your free time without the help of any second person.

After cleaning, you can notice the difference. Your coffee will taste better than ever. If you do not clean it for a longer time then the remaining oils and another remaining will become rancid after a period of time and this flavor can come to your coffee. Obviously, this will cause a bitter taste. By cleaning, you will not enjoy fresh and better-tasting coffee only; it will also extend the life of your coffee maker.

Every machine needs proper maintenance for the durable results. Otherwise, the mineral deposits, also known as scale, can build up as mineral scale and lime scale. Both of these scales are not considered good for the water flow and heating unit. That only slow down the making process and after a period, it can clog the coffee maker. To avoid all these, you should consider cleaning your coffee pot at least once in every three months. Though once in every month is recommended by the experts, if you are unable to do so, follow the three months time period.

Why should you use vinegar to clean coffee pots?

Different types of cleaning solutions are available in the Singapore. You can choose any of them to clean your coffee pot. Vinegar is considered more effective as it is natural and nontoxic. You can safely use it to clean your coffee pot. Anyone can use this solution to clean the coffee pots as it does not have any side effects and cannot harm you in any way.

The best thing about using the vinegar solution is that you can prepare the solution according to your requirements. If you are cleaning your machine more frequently, then you do not need to prepare a perfect solution for cleaning your machine. You can just mix one part vinegar with two parts water for cleaning. If the condition is bad and it needs a proper cleaning then you can increase the amount of the vinegar as it is safe and an increased amount cannot harm your machine and you in any manner. But while doing the cleaning, make sure that all the scales and oils are completely cleaned. If required, repeat the procedure and do it regularly for the better results. Follow the above instructions for the proper cleaning and to make the process less time-consuming.