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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Commercial Cleaning Company?

Your commercial place is undoubtedly precious to you. But this space is not private and used by many people at a time. All the employees and clients are using this space and thus it is quite natural for it to get dirty. By cleaning it can be anything starting from spilling coffee or food bits on the floor to the footprints of the people and also normal dust and dirt around the corners. So, for this of course a professional commercial cleaning service in Singapore is very much important. The most important thing that you need to look for is whether or not they have a proper valid license.

Choosing Professional Cleaners With License

It is extremely important to choose professional cleaning service having license for your commercial space. In Singapore, the weather is hot as well as humid throughout the year and thus having dust, dirt as well as mold growth is quite common. Cleaners of a professional cleaning service should be trained under the NEA Environment Cleaning Work Skill Qualification Framework. When all the cleaners are trained under this, they get a license to continue the cleaning of commercial spaces. Even the company is then declared as a licensed company. And there are many reasons why you need to choose one such company.

What Are The Services To Look For?

There are a lot of tasks when it comes to commercial cleaning. It is a tough job and thus depending on a professional expert is the most legit decision. The services that you should look for in a commercial cleaning company are –

1. Vacuuming the carpet floors – This is very important because all the employees and clients walk with their shoes on over the carpet. No doubt, it is the place where all the dusts and dirt get accumulated. If it is not cleaned properly it can carry allergens causing different diseases.

2. Dusting and wiping the desk & chair – With daily usage, the desk and chairs often get dirty. Even there can be some stubborn stains on the chair and desks of coffee, food and other things. Thus, dusting and wiping them is very important.

3. Dusting and wiping cabinets exterior: Exterior of the cabinets can get dirty and you need to wipe them thoroughly to clean it and make them look crystal clear.

4. Others: Other tasks that are also important are wiping the telephone, office appliances and computers. Also, emptying all the bins is very much essential. Not to forget pantry and toilet are also important to be cleaned. Toilets are an easy target for the molds due to the moist environment. Thus, cleaning it properly is important.

If an office environment can be kept clean and tidy then it can increase the productivity. Yes! It has been seen in a study that employees feel more enthusiastic to work in a clean environment more. Even, a clean environment will help them to stay healthy otherwise employees can fall sick hampering your productivity and profit.

Why To Choose Companies With License?

When it comes to cleaning there are a lot of jobs to be done. It is not an easy task at all especially when it is a commercial space. This is because commercial space is bigger than that of normal home. Even the furniture pieces are more in number in the commercial space. Thus a professional cleaning service is very much important. Along with that, a licensed company is also essential. Here are the reasons behind it –

- Trained cleaners: If a cleaner is not trained enough to clean the entire office space then appointing such a service is the worst decision. A company gets license to do the cleaning only when all the cleaners are professionally trained and capable of cleaning the office space. Moreover, they will have the knowledge to clean the space without any problem. Thus, you will be able to get a complete cleaning experienced from the service.

- Quick Result: The best thing about choosing a licensed company is that they are reliable and provide the best quality service to the customers. They are well equipped with advanced technologies and tools that are needed for quick and thorough cleaning. Being trained professionally they know how to offer a quick cleaning service and clean away all the dusts or dirt from the office. Even with advanced stain removing technologies they remove all the stubborn stains from the carpet or furniture.

- Mold cleaning: Since Singapore experience a highly hot and humid climate throughout the year, it is very normal to have mold growth. These molds can spread quite fast affecting the health of the employees and also make the environment dirty. It emits a bad odor that can be unpleasant for the office atmosphere. A cleaning company having proper license will be able to clean the molds too effectively. The experts do an examination at first to identify whether or not there is any mold. If they find any then they will go for thorough cleaning of the molds.

- Guaranteed service: Calling a commercial cleaning service will help you to get the best and most guaranteed cleaning. No doubt they will provide you with the safest procedure which is best for the atmosphere. They have access to all the essential tools and thus can provide a complete guarantee along with their service.


Thus, these are some of the importance of choosing a licensed company for cleaning your commercial space. Be it a small or large commercial space, depending on a company with license will help you to get the best quality and most guaranteed service. When you get the best cleaning, it automatically uplifts the environment of the office putting a direct effect on the employees. Thus, the productivity level will increase in your business bringing more profit to you. So, a small investment in a cleaning company can lead to a great profit. So, make the decision very wisely while choosing the best cleaning company for your commercial space. Besides license, two other most important factors are experienced and insured.