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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What Are The Pros & Cons On Carpet Shampooing

A carpet has the power to dramatically transform the appearance of any room by softening its décor and also lending it a more comelier and comfortable aspect. It is no wonder that quite a huge number of homeowners prefer carpets and rugs over many other much more expensive flooring solutions.

However, carpets also do require regular cleaning as well as vacuuming to make sure they retain their unmatched beauty and also prolong their lives. And as would be expected there happen to be a wide variety of carpet cleaning solutions currently in the market that are designed to address these and more concerns.

Undoubtedly one of the best you can settle for is carpet shampooing which can at one go comprehensively eliminate all the stains, oils, dirt and even allergens. Which may for one reason or the other be trapped in the fibers of your carpet.

The following as some of the most notable benefits of opting for carpet shampooing every time your carpets or rugs need to be cleaned.

A wide range of health benefits when it comes to carpet shampooing

To begin with, this one of a kind carpet cleaning method presents quite a large number of health benefits that are totally indispensable.

· As most well informed individuals would readily appreciate a carpet can with extended usage retain a large range of indoor air pollutants. This can include pet dander, lead, dirt, cockroach allergens as well as dust.

· These particles can over time bond with harmful airborne gases in the air and ultimately get trapped in the fibers of a carpet or rug. Any disturbance of these fibers either by vacuuming, brushing or even regular foot traffic on the carpet can release these toxic particles into the air of your home.

· Which usually results into a carpet’s contamination, and in extension can give rise to serious health challenges. Most especially for the inhabitants of your home that suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma.

You may be forgiven to wonder out aloud just where carpet shampooing fits into all this.

· Well, utilizing ideal cleaning agents such as strong shampoos can be the best way of killing these air pollutants and also extract them from the fibers of your carpet. This goes a long way keeping your home safe particularly when it comes to the health issues that are attributable with a contaminated carpet.

Total elimination of dust mites

· Further, one of the biggest pros of settling for this carpet cleaning method is that it effectively deals with dust mites infestations.

· Unlike what some individuals would like to think, a big number of homes despite the impeccable levels of hygiene, are usually infested with dust mites. But most homeowners are not aware of this fact as these pests are invisible to the naked eye.

· Despite this fact, one critical thing you ought to understand is that dust mites by themselves are not allergenic. But they normally leave behind substances such as excrement and body fragments that are allergens causers.

· The accumulation of these toxic substances over time can greatly compromise the safety and wellness of the inhabitants of your home, including pets.

· But by opting for an ideal carpet shampooing solution you can be able to comprehensively eliminate dust mites from your carpet or even rugs. Which will make your home much more safer in terms of the health and wellness of you and your family.

Improve the appearance of your carpet

One of the major pros this cleaning method is that it can also significantly improve the outward appearance of your carpet.

· Over the passage of time your carpet can begin to accrue stains from accidental spillages. Which will most definitely make it very unsightly and can in extension mar the general appearance of the room it is laid in.

· By integrating regular carpet shampooing into your home care schedule you can easily ensure that this does not occur.

· The very best carpet cleaning shampoos and other agents are formulated from strong chemicals that can easily get rid of stains , even those of oil in a rapid and hassle-free manner.

Prolong the life of your carpet

Finally, like earlier mentioned another of the main pros of settling for this carpet cleaning solution is it can greatly extend the life of your carpet.

· This is brought about by the effectual removal of all the particles and dirt that may have adhered to its fibers over time. That can eventually cause them to wear out much quicker than normal.

· Choosing for carpet shampooing on a regular basis will undoubtedly extend the life of your carpet, and you will not be necessitated to buy a new one every now and then.

What are the cons of carpet shampooing?

While this carpet cleaning technique, as you can see, offers a large number of advantages, it also has a few cons you should be aware of.

· For starters some of these cleaning agents are formulated from very toxic chemicals that can cause a lot of harm to the environment. It is hence highly advisable to ascertain before you make a purchase just what ingredients have been used to make the carpet shampoo you want.

· While more to the point always make sure that it is absolutely eco-friendly.

· Secondly, one of the major cons of carpet shampoos and indeed all other related other cleaning agents is that they cannot be used alone to arrive at the desired results.

· In most cases you will have to use high suction vacuuming methods such as steam cleaning to totally remove all the dirt , stains and other particles that may be trapped in your carpet.


All in all carpet shampooing is undeniably one of the most effective techniques of comprehensively cleaning these floor coverings. As it at one go gets rid of all allergens, removes stains, improves the appearance of your carpet and also prolongs its life. However, it is very important to make sure that the products you opt for cannot in any way harm the environment when used. This is an insight.