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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How To Do Spring Cleaning For Office Carpet

Spring cleaning your office carpet helps improve air quality indoors and makes your space a safer and healthier place to work. Since carpets in the office, especially those placed in the high traffic areas are more prone to dirt and grime, keeping carpets clean and stain free can prove to be a great challenge. However, following some simple spring carpet cleaning tips listed below or taking help of professional carpet cleaners can be highly beneficial in helping you deep clean your carpets during this spring and keep them looking fresh and new for years to come.

How to Do Spring Cleaning For Office Carpet: Tips

#1: Use a Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaning your carpet regularly, at least once a week is important to keep the deeply embedded sand, dirt and dander to a minimum. Use the vacuum on every nook and corner of the carpet, around the furniture legs, beneath the furniture and across the baseboard for thorough cleansing.

#2: Remove the Stains
Although we all do our best to get rid of carpet stains as soon as they are formed, there are always some pesky spots that are left behind that require several treatments for successful removal. A cool spring cleaning tip for removing stain from the office carpet is to use an iron. Follow these steps and watch the stain disappear completely.

· Make a solution combining one part of vinegar with two parts of water. Fill the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the stain.
· Cover the stained spot with a damp rag
· Set your iron on steam setting and iron the rag for about 30 seconds.
· Viola- the stain is gone.
Depending on how old the stain is, you may be required to repeat the procedure to attain successful results.

#3: Bust out the steam cleaner
Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing equal quantities of vinegar and water and add it to your steam cleaner. However, if your office carpet is placed in a high traffic area and requires a more powerful cleansing solution for complete clean up- use a higher ratio of water and vinegar.

#4: Use a Homemade Deep Cleaner for office carpet Cleaning
Deep cleaning offices carpets will help get rid of dust mites and allergens from the carpet in an effective. However, instead of using a liquid chemical carpet cleaner, opting for a homemade green carpet cleaner would be a great option. To prepare a green carpet cleaner, combine 2 tablespoons of dish soap, cup of Hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener, ¼ cup white vinegar,5 drops of essential oil and one gallon of hot( not boiling) water. Add this solution in you carpet cleaning machine for a deep cleaning office carpets.

#5: Keep Office Carpets Fresh
Apart from cleaning office carpets regularly, using a carpet fresher in- between deep cleans will help prolong the freshness of your carpet .Create your own carpet fresher by using the following ingredients and store in a shaker.

· A few drops(10-20 drops) of your favorite essential oil
· 1 cup baking soda
· cup borax( keeps fleas at bay)

Sprinkle this mixture lightly on your carpet and allow it to sit for about 15- 20 minutes. Vacuum it as per usual. However, while spraying the powder, ensure that it is done on a dry day. This will prevent the baking soda from picking up any moisture.

Benefits of hiring a professional for commercial carpet cleaning services

If you are finding it to difficult to spring clean your office carpets, hiring professional carpet cleaners for cleaning carpets could prove to be a good decision. Take a look at some of the benefits of using carpet cleaning services-

Help Clean Carpet Thoroughly: A great advantage of hiring professional carpet cleaners is that they can help clean your office carpet thoroughly. When an office carpet is cleaned and maintained, it not help improve the look of the carpet, but also helps your office look better, making a good impression on your clients, employees and visitors. An office carpet that is looks clean and is visually appealing can make better first impressions and also improve the feel of your office space.

Help Improve indoor air Quality: The dirt, dust and debris that get embedded in the carpet fibers eventually get into the air and cause respiratory infections and odors. However, since hiring professional cleaners helps remove even the most rooted debris from the carpets in an effective way, it prevents them from getting it into air. Additionally, using harsh chemicals while cleaning office carpets can give rise unpleasant smells and also affect your health adversely. However, since most carpet cleaners use EPA- approved cleaning products that are void of harsh chemicals, choosing professional cleaning for your office carpet could prove to be a safe bet. Opting for certified carpet cleaning services will not only help your office be free from any unpleasant smells, but also ensure that you and your employees breathe healthier air.

Best Carpet Cleaning option: Depending on the carpeted area of the office space, many business owners often use a vacuum or rent carpet cleaning machine to clean the office carpet themselves. However, it must be noted that since rented carpet cleaning machines are used by different people over and over again, using the machines will not provide effective cleaning. Additionally, since this machine clean carpets using harsh chemicals, using them can leave behind residue and unpleasant smell in the carpet that can attract more dirt and debris. However, since commercial carpet cleaning services use more effective equipments and cleaning products, using their services will not only prove to be more effective than a rented carpet cleaner, but also will help your carpet stay cleaner for an extended period of time.

Keeping your office clean can play a crucial role for your business as well as your health. Additionally, having a clean office carpet will help improve the overall appearance of your office and prevent it from looking dirty and unkempt. Taking steps to spring clean your office carpets can be a positive step towards achieving good health and success in your business venture.