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Friday, 6 November 2015

7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When you Clean Office

Cleaning your office is not at all an easier task and it needs you to put a huge amount of effort. If you are hiring some professionals for the job then there is no need for you to worry much but in a place like Singapore where everything is very expensive, it is always good for you to do most of the things by your own. It is always good for you to deal with the work in your company but ensure that you do not do the following mistakes so that the whole effort do not get wasted.

Office cleaning can be an overhead but it is good to spare sometime for doing this sort of a work so that your office is kept in a very good form. If you do not have healthy as well as clean environment in the office then if affects the work and also the employees. Always ensure that you maintain the office in such a way that everything looks really tidy and also clean. It can make your employees work more efficiently. Organizing the stuffs can even make the work done in faster pace. Here are the common mistakes that people may do while cleaning the office.

1.Piles of Paper

When you are cleaning the office, the major hindrance that you may face can be piles of paper. Most of us either again put them into a draw or somewhere where it is not visible. The truth is that there is no point of doing so if those papers have some important ones in them. You are going to again bring those piles on the desk which can again make your work space messy. When you deal with the papers spare sometime to organize it.

This is the work that every employee should do on the desk so that they can easily categorize and also find out the papers that are relevant to them. There are chances for many of these papers to be unwanted stuffs or the ones which already have got a soft copy in your system. When you have the digital copy then there is no point of cluttering your space with the hard copies. You can better shred those unwanted stuffs. Ensure you get folders to organize the necessary papers so that it becomes easy for you to access them when you need them later on.

2.Pens & Paper Clips

Even when we say we are so much forward with the advancement of technology and use all the new ways or methods in our job, the pens as well as paper clips are again all over our desk. We may not need all those but still we keep a whole lots of them on the desk. It is not at all a good practice as it can only make things hard to deal with. Throw away the pens that are not working and also use only those number of pens as well as paper clips that are necessary. In this era most of the work is done digitally and so better avoid as much as possible.

3.Pest Control

One of the major mistakes that you do when you do office cleaning is that you get everything cleaned but may not bother about pest control. If you do not care it then it can make your office messy. Rodents as well as rats can easily find a place in your office which can slowly turn aggressive damaging your commercial assets. In a place like Singapore you can easily hire the pest control agencies who do the necessary stuffs so that your office is whole away from pests. It is a good way through which you can ensure that your office stays clean.

4.Carpets and Curtains

Another important stuff that need thorough cleaning is obviously curtains and carpets. It is good for you to get the professionals hired for cleaning the curtains and also the carpets. It is a good way through which you can ensure hygiene in your office. Most of the offices do not do this which can create an unhygienic environment inside the office. There is no point of cleaning everything but leaving these stuffs. There is no point of getting these stuffs cleaned by housekeeping department in office as they obviously need some professional cleaning.

5.Categorizing of Wastes

Office cleaning cannot be complete if you are not segregating wastes. As an entrepreneur you should be aware that the wastes that are produced in your office which may be in the form of recyclable goods, the e-waste or the ones which can be made decomposable. If you are really interested in keeping your office in good form always then you should be ready to segregate waste in such a way that there are different dustbins available for collecting these different forms of waste.

6.Your PCs

Every employee in the current scenario need a PC to work on and what if you are not caring these PCs. It is good for you to hire some good professionals in Singapore who can do the cleaning of PCs in really good way so that you need not have to bother about it. Most of us do not spare much time in actually doing the cleaning of PCs which may end up in making them dusty. It is good to get the PCs cleaned every day. You can employ the professionals for this work once in a particular time frame. It can help in ensuring that the PCs stay in good form for quite a longer time.

7.Plumbing System

When you are cleaning the office, it is good for you to spare some time so that you can actually do a good service for the plumbing system. It is good to get the professionals employed for this work too so that your office get a whole cleaning done. Getting the plumbing system be maintained ensures that it stays in really good form to be used.